Welcome to Baja Retreats

We love Baja California and want to share all of the things that make it special, with you!

Baja Retreats offers custom retreat style vacations that encourage mindfulness, wellness and relaxation as well as discovery and adventure. We help you create a getaway that goes beyond the run of the mill all inclusive cookie box hotel deals.  From meditation workshops to adventurous mountain biking excursions to week long fire spinning classeswe aim to encourage health and well-being through conscious physical movement, whole foods and stress free living...

Choose your own adventure. Learn a new skill. Discover a new hobby. How about an Art Retreat with a workshop by one of our local famous artists during the local Art Festival? Perhaps exploring some of the offerings at the Todos Santos Latin american film festival is more to your taste? Sea turtles and belly dance? Tai-Chi and Skim Boarding? See our incredible list of vacation activities and decide how much or how little you wish to do on your vacation. 

Imagine spending quality time with like minded people learning and sharing in a beautiful tropical setting. If you have a group that is interested in a workshop style retreat, have a look at our fields of interest page to get an idea of what we can organize for you. 

From 1 to 30 people we've got all the details covered. If you wish to bring your own retreat or workshop to our area we also offer event hosting and destination management. 

Baja Retreats also offers all inclusive packages for our in house retreats throughout the year, please check our calendar for upcoming events.

Whatever path you choose, we are here to guide you towards a deeper, more enriching vacation experience. Take home a souvenir worth keeping!