Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Southern Baja


Snorkeling Spots:

Pelican Rock: This rock attracts many fish and is just an easy five minute boat rid from Cabo San Lucas Marina.

Lover’s Beach: Accessible only by water taxi. Be aware that this is a high boat traffic area and it’s not roped off for swimmers.

Santa Maria Cove: Santa Maria is a regular destination for snorkel tours. If you choose to drive there, it’s a very easy swim from the shore to the reef.

Chileno Bay: This bay is also a common destination for snorkeling tours and has a roped off area for snorkelers.

Cabo Pulmo: Cabo Pulmo is a Natural Marine Reserve in the East Cape that offers possibly the best snorkeling in the area. To get to this eight fingered coral reef you have to take about a 2 hour drive from Los Cabos but it’s well worth it.


Scuba Diving Destinations (travel time is from the Cabo Marina):

Land’s End: Intermediate-Advanced. The depth is 50’-60’ and is just 5 minutes by boat. You’ll be swimming with sea lions and moray eels and there’s also a sunken boat that you can see in the Falls.

Sand Falls: Beginners-Advanced. The depth is 30’-100’ and is just 5 minutes by boat. The canyon runs from 3,000 foot depth of the Cabo Bay to within 30 feet of shore, making the bay one of the deepest in the world.

Pelican Rock: Beginners. The depth ranges from 25’-80’. Many tropical fish are attracted to this rock and it’s just a 5 minute boat ride.

Neptune’s Finger: Advanced. 80’-100’. A spectacular canyon wall dive just a 5 minute boat ride away. For the adventurous, you can also cliff dive off the 30 foot tall rock formation that jets up out of the water.

Santa Maria: Beginners –Intermediate. 20’-60’. A safe and protected cove just 35 minutes away by boat. You can also dive from the beach if you prefer. Fish feed right from your hands.

Chileno: Beginners. 20’-40’. Just 35 minutes away by boat or dive off the beach. Many turtles have been seen here and it’s also a great place for a night dive.

Cabo Pulmo: Beginner-Advanced. 30’-100’. 2 hour drive from Los Cabos then 5 minutes by boat. Cabo Pulmo is a Natural Marine Reserve and sea life abounds. It’s the location of the only living coral reef in the Sea of Cortez.


Other dive locations include but are not limited to: Cabeza del Ballena, El Gavilan, Blow Hole, Las Salinas, Gordo Banks and many other locations off of La Paz that are convenient and easy to get to.


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