Surfing Locations Baja Peninsula


La Pastora: *Level-Advanced *Direction- right *Location- Pacific side 3 miles north of Todos Santos just past Las Tunas neighborhood

San Pedrito: *Level-Advanced * Direction- right & left *Location-Pacific side 6 miles south of Todos Santos in El Pescadero off Highway 19

Cerritos: *Level- Beginner to Advanced *Direction- right & left *Location- Pacific side 9 miles south of Todos Santos at KM 65 off Highway 19 

Monuments: *Level- Advanced *Direction- Left *Location- East of Cabo at KM 6.5 Missiones exit off Highway 1

El Tule: *Level- Advanced *Direction- right & left *Location- East of Cabo at KM 16.2 on Highway 1 at the El Tule Bridge

Costa Azul: Made up of 3 spots

The Rock or La Roca- *Level- advanced *Direction- right 

Zippers- *Level- beginner to advanced *Direction- right

Acapulquito- *Level- beginner to advanced *Direction- right

Location- off Highway 1 at KM 28.5 in San Jose Del Cabo east of Cabo San Lucas

La Bocana at the estuary: *Level- beginner to advanced *Direction- right and left *Location- San Jose Del Cabo’s main beach, close to the President Hotel

Shipwrecks: *Level- Advanced *Direction- right *Location- East Cape, 30 kilometers east of San Jose Del Cabo

Nine Palms: *Level- beginner to advanced *Direction- long rights *Location- East Cape, 30 kilometers east of San Jose Del Cabo


Surf Seasons

June through November are the summer months and are known to be the best as the Southern Hemisphere’s swells send great waves to the Pacific, Cabo and East Cape.

December through February are winter months and it can be flatter on the East Cape and Costa Azul areas making the Pacific side a better shot as there are westerly swells during this time.

March through May are known for being the windy months although swells can be consistent. The East Cape is the windiest area making it a world class destination for wind surfing.